by Katherine


      Hello Castle crew! Welcome to PowderTales, my name is Katherine and I'll be writing the Castle blog for now!Here at Castle we have had nothing but beautiful days and mild temperatures for the last week or so, with a 7cm snowfall helping build up our base. The little bit of added snow we've been seeing each night has really been making skiing on the lower mountain especially fun. Up higher, the famous Castle wind has been blowing the snow around, leaving some great conditions up on Red. Take a look at Tamarack Bowl; chances are there will be some nice windsift down along the sides. As well, can't go wrong with a cruiser down Huckleberry. The runs have been groomed to perfection and are ready for ripping.

This week promises to be great weather so pack the car, bring the kids and don't forget the sunscreen, unless of course you want to work on that goggle tan. Castle is hosting some big events this weekend, with Alyssa McQuaid playing the T-Bar Friday night, Red Fish in the day lodge Saturday evening and Jib in the Park on Sunday. Adventure Club runs from February 21st to the 23rd for those kids who want to rip it up all day with our great instructors. This program is a fantastic deal, so sign up quick!

Today is also a sad day in the hearts of the Castle family. It was five years ago that Mr. Ski himself, Dieter Gerngross passed away. Dieter was a Castle diehard who invested and supported the hill in its early days. He was well known for his passion for skiing, which he put into every day as a part owner of Alpenland. I believe he sold my family every pair of skis we bought right up until his passing. So as you're skiing this weekend, take a moment to remember the man best known as Mr. Ski, I'm sure he's watching over us.

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