Hiking at Castle

Hiking at Castle

Did you know that Castle has some great hiking trails?  They have actually been here for years, but we’ve signed them and created a map.  There is no charge for using the trails, but please do so at your own risk.  We’d love for you to stop into the pub for a little apres hike drink or bite.  The T-Bar Pub is open Friday through Sunday.  My favourite hikes are Haig Lake and Paradise Lake.  A big thanks to the Castle Mountain Community Association for helping us maintain these great trails.  We hope you have a great summer. See you soon.


  1. Gord McNab June 24 at 9:47AM - Reply

    This is a great start to promoting summer activities at the Castle … keep up the good work !!!

    • cole.fawcett June 26 at 10:50AM - Reply

      Thanks Gord!

  2. Malen Vidler August 01 at 9:15AM - Reply

    Question as I’m not familiar to the terrain. Is there trails that could link to Mount Haig?

    • Cole Fawcett August 03 at 5:56PM - Reply

      Hi Malen,

      Thanks for your note! If you go up the Haig Ridge trail, you’ll be part of the way up Haig Mountain. If you’re looking to climb the Haig Pyramid all the way to the summit, it’s likely best to approach from the North; climbing Gravenstafel Mountain first. A good account of the full summit hike can be found here: http://sonnybou.ca/ssbou2010/gravenstafelhaig.html

  3. Phil Laroche August 03 at 5:20PM - Reply

    Awesome Stuff! Are some of these bike-able?

    • Cole Fawcett August 03 at 5:51PM - Reply

      Hey Phil,

      Great question on the biking. We do know that a handful of locals will bike the trails and I suppose the short answer is yes, they’re mostly bikeable. There will be sections where the steepness of the terrain will necessitate getting off your bike and they’re mostly cat-road / fire-road so set your expectations appropriately as these are mostly not single-track trails.

  4. Lorie May 06 at 8:10PM - Reply

    We are a hiking group of ladies interested in the Paradise Lake Hike. Is there any information on this hike?

    • Jason Crawford May 07 at 8:54AM - Reply

      Hi Lorie,

      Paradise Lake is a great hike. For the first section it follows the ski out from our Cat Skiing Terrain which is a gentle climb. You will eventually come to a steep 90 degree turn to the right. This the steepest part of the climb but only lasts a few hundred meters. Keep your eye out for the a single track trail to the left which you will follow to a small lake at the bottom of the East Face of Haig. Currently the trail is snowpacked most of the way so I would recommend snowshoes or skis, however it is melting fast. There is a guided hike by Uplift Adventures on June 3rd if you wish. You can contact Heather at http://www.upliftadventures.ca

      I hope this helps.


  5. Ale June 12 at 9:24AM - Reply

    Hi there, I was wondering how challenging hike parasise lake. Is? I’m thinking of taking my 5 year old on this hike this weekend. He is quite the little hiker. Is it do-able with a 5 year old?

    • Jason Crawford June 14 at 11:08AM - Reply

      Hi Ale,
      It’s pretty reasonable hike. It’s 9k round trip. It’s uphill the whole way out, but it’s very gradual for the most part. There is a one steep section but it’s not very long.
      There has been bear sightings out there earlier this spring, so make sure you are bear aware.

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