Last chance to grab discounts on 17-18 season passes

Last chance to grab discounts on 17-18 season passes

October 15th is quickly approaching and along with it will come the last opportunity to get a sweet deal on a 2017-2018 season pass. Whether you’re a student living in Calgary or a family in Fort MacLeod, skiers and snowboarders who know, know that Castle is the best value going. Here’s why you should own a season pass this year:

Convenience –

It’s a fact we work to hammer home each and every year. Who wants to stand in lift ticket lines with fidgeting children or when it’s shaping up to be an epic day? Having a Castle Mountain Resort means direct-to-lift access; no waiting for us to print you a ticket at our window rates. If you plan on spending lots of time at the resort this year, don’t get stuck in line.

Having a season pass also means not feeling guilty if you’re having an off-day and you’re just not feeling it. Come grab a couple runs and head home if the legs just don’t feel right or, heaven forbid, you’ve got to go to work.

Value –

$899 for an adult season pass is not a small sum, we understand that 100%. However, neither is $84 at the window. Our best value, bar none, is our season pass. Family passes are even a better value.

Dynamics are shifting and not every family is two adults and two or more children anymore; we totally get that! Even at our summer sale rates a family of 3 can enjoy an entire season from only $1197, plus GST (based on 1 adult, 2 children). Keep in mind that family passes are not available online (we’re working on that for the future) so you’ll need to give us a call at 403-627-5101 to purchase yours.

If you’re feeling like visiting other resorts in our area, we’ve got good news for you! Castle has a robust network of reciprocal agreements, offering our season pass holders discounts at other resorts. Click here to check out some added benefits to being a season pass holder.

You’re part of the family –

Castle remains steadfast as one of the last true independent ski resorts out there. There’s something to be said for that. At Castle, a season pass is more than just something that gets you access to the lifts, it makes you part of the community.

 I was made to feel like family by the time we left and missed the small resort feeling of Castle when we finally moved on. – Dan. W (Tripadvisor Review – 26 January 2017).

Here, secret stashes are shared and you can feel good that your season pass money is staying within our community. Castle is a major economic driver of winter tourism in southwestern Alberta and there’s no corporate overlord extracting your money to some far-away land.

Big Plans Ahead –

Castle Mountain Resort recently completed its released its Master Development Plan (MDP). We know that many of you love the fact that they don’t have to share Alberta’s second largest resort with too many folks, and with our development plan this won’t change. Additional terrain and lifts are in the works but not so much as to ruin the skier experience. Spoiler alert, you’ll see no high speed quads or gondolas in the plan.The intent of this document is to provide a conceptual road map to the preferred development of Castle Mountain Resort (CMR). The content is designed to improve the quality of the experience offered at the Castle in an environmentally and economically sustainable fashion. The MDP forms the foundation from which the CMR vision, goals and objectives can be achieved.Realizing the full extent of our plans will not happen overnight, more like over several decades. However, work has already begun on the installation of snow making infrastructure in our base area. This summer we broke ground on a water intake after receiving a permit to draw water from Haig Creek. This permit is not a carte blanche. Castle will only be able to draw water during times of peak flow (spring) and water will need to be stored in reservoirs for future use. The first phase, hopeful to be completed next summer, will include the first reservoir, snow making lines, and associated equipment for portions of the base area. The cost will eclipse $1 million, which is why we need your continued support.

The best season yet –

More events, better grooming (a new winch cat will soon be on its way), and a re-energized team at Castle Mountain Resort are all things you have to look forward to in the 2017-2018 season.

After a pretty epic 2016-2017 season, with a little help from Mother Nature, we’re looking forward to our best season yet. Buy your pass now and get ready to enjoy one helluva ride!

Once October 15 comes and goes, discounted season pass rates are a thing of the pass. Don’t miss out!


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