Castle Mountain Resort Weddings. Our Mountain.... Your Day!

Our staff will help you to create an ambience of romance and gracious hospitality fitting for your wedding day. Whether you lean towards the elaborate or a more intimate gathering, Castle Mountain is the perfect venue for your wedding celebration all year long.

We offer a wedding mountain destination experience, many of our couples create a weekend of celebration.  A Country BBQ based out of our T-Bar Pub, ceremony and reception on Saturday and then morning brunch and goodbyes.  Whatever you have in mind for your wedding we will work with you to create a wedding just for you!  

Our services and facilities include:

  • space for 15-350 people
  • mountain-side setting for your ceremony
  • full catering services
  • cocktails
  • appetizers
  • country BBQ's
  • buffet brunches and gift openings 
  • Onsite accommodations for every budget

We can also help you with:

  • bachelorette parties
  • bachelor parties
  • bridal showers
  • rehearsal dinner
  • gift opening gatherings
  • wedding brunch

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"You know when people asked me why I was having the wedding at Castle Mountain Resort, I told them that it was cheaper than most mountain locations, and the location was good for my family from Saskatchewan.  But by the end of the weekend, I realized that the best part about having my wedding at Castle Mountain Resort was how great all the people who work there were!  And how beautiful it was,  especially once the sun came out!"  Quote from Kristie Green, Bride July 2012


For more information contact us at 403.627.5101 or email

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