Private lessons are one of the best ways to learn, this lesson is tailored completely to you theres no waiting for slower group members or deciding with group members on which run to take.  This lesson is all about your individual goals allowing for maximum improvement.  Up to two people are allowed in a private lesson.  This is the only lesson where the student can request an instructor.  You get the most laps in a private lesson with line up priority during your lesson.

One Hour private lesson (9:30am) or (1:30pm)

Ages 18mo to 5 years      $85 +GST

Age 6 to Adult                   $105 +GST

2 hour private lesson (half day) 10:30am or 1:30pm

Age 6 to Adult                   $175 +GST

4 hour private lesson (full day) 10:30am

Age 6 to Adult                   $318 +GST