Sage Creek Fire Information

Sage Creek Fire Information

August 20, 2018 – 9:30 PM Update

The Evacuation Alert issued for Castle Mountain Resort by the MD of Pincher Creek has been rescinded! The Sage Creek Fire is now classified as “being held”.  We are thankful for the support the MD, as well as Wildfire and Structure teams has shown our community during this situation. The 23rd Annual Huckleberry Festival is a 100% go this weekend!  You can find more info from the Municipality District of Pincher Creek. To recap:


  • Alberta Parks removed their area closure for the West Castle and South Castle Valleys effective 18:00, August 20.
  • The MD of Pincher Creek rescinded / cancelled their evacuation alert for Castle Mountain Resort and vicinity effective 21:00, August 20.
  • Castle Mountain Resort has re-opened their trail network and the 23rd annual Huckleberry Festival will take place this weekend as planned.

Please note that there is still a fire ban in effect in our region.

This will be the last update regarding the Sage Creek Fire unless new information is warranted.


August 10, 2018 – 4:30 PM Update

All the information below remains in effect, however there has been a new update from the MD of Pincher Creek which can be found here.

The next update is not expected to occur until tomorrow evening unless the situation changes.


August 10, 2018 Update –

A proactive *Evacuation Alert* is being issued to residents and visitors of Castle Mountain Resort and vicinity.

It is important to note that an evacuation alert is NOT a mandatory evacuation. Here’s what we know:

– Guests and residents are still permitted to access the resort as per usual.
– Castle Mountain Resort’s hiking trails are closed to ALL traffic
– This weekend’s wedding event is continuing as per usual with contingency plans being discussed.
– Barricades / Checkpoint will be placed along Highway 774 at the turnoff to Beaver Mines Lake Road to advise residents & guests of the situation.
– Pincher Creek Emergency Services are now on location setting up structure protection.
– Residents of this area are strongly encouraged to have an evacuation plan in place, and be prepared to evacuate with an hours’ notice.
– Residents choosing to evacuate at this time are requested to register with the MD by calling
1-855-627-5365, and leave a message, or email info@mdpinchercreek.ab.ca. Please provide your
contact name, the number in your party, your contact numbers and your legal land description.

This fire remains wholly within British Columbia but we know things can change quickly.

Futher updates can first be found at:

– https://mdpinchercreek.ab.ca/news/Forest-Fire-Notification
– http://www.albertaemergencyalert.ca/
– News section on the homepage of skicastle.ca

We will endeavor to keep you up to date through Castle Mountain Resort social media as new information come through.




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