Are you an advanced skier always looking to improve your skills but don’t know the next step? CARV camps are the answer. Introducing these state of the art camps which blend wearable technology and in person instruction to perfect your skiing techniques and ability.



CARV is an advanced piece of wearable technology that fits under your ski boot liner, and packs in 36 pressure sensors and a motion sensor to analyze your every movement to tell you how well you are balanced, how well you are engaging your edges, and how parallel your skis are. All these metrics are recorded on the CARV app which is accessible in real time on your phone, which you can make corrections to your skiing immediately.



Now pair this technology with a 3 days of lessons from some of Castle Mountain Resorts highest ranking instructors (Morgan Engel – Level IV CSIA instructor, and Peter Stewart – CMR’s Director of Snow School) and you’ll improve your skiing ability significantly.  These camps offer professional device installation, set-up of your CARV device, and a clinic on how to use the device, and more, including:

CARV device +1 year membership to the CARV app

3 full days of on-snow instruction

2 virtual, follow-up sessions to be used anytime up to March 10, 2023



CARV camps come in at $799 for the 3 days of lessons (March 8-10, 2022) and includes the CARV device and installation. A reduced rate of $599 plus GST is available to those who have a CARV device and active CARV membership. To learn more about the CARV device click here.

For more information, and to sign up to the 3 Day Camp, click here or call 403-627-5101 x 231


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