Canada Day Season Pass Flash Sale

Canada Day Season Pass Flash Sale


With Canada Day on our doorstep, we’re celebrating by rolling back our season pass pricing to our early bird rates. This past season was an amazing one but, in addition to being Alberta’s snowiest, there are plenty of reasons to commit to Castle next year. Here are just a few:


Children’s Passes only $49

Did you know you can purchase a season pass for your child, aged 6 – 12, for only $49 plus GST. That’s right, $49!! No blackouts. No catch. Buy it now!


Flexible Family Passes*

Last season we unveiled our flexible family pass pricing scheme, with great fanfare. In today’s world, the prototypical family of 4 is, well…less typical. At Castle, we understand that single parent families are a reality more than ever before. If your family is smaller, you pay less; period. Let’s look at some examples:

  • Single parent + 2 children (6 – 12)
    • Castle Mountain Resort = $797
    • “Big” Banff Resorts = $1493 to $1596
  • Single parent + 1 junior (13 – 17) + 1 child (6 – 12)
    • Castle Mountain Resort – $1047
    • “Big” Banff Resorts = $1522 to $1596
  • Single parent + 2 juniors (13 – 17)
    • Castle Mountain Resort – $1297
    • “Big” Banff Resorts = $1551 to $1596
  • Two parents + 2 children (6 – 12)
    • Castle Mountain Resort – $1496
    • “Big” Banff Resorts = $1797 to $1999

And hey, let’s be real; sometimes one parent is more committed to skiing / riding than the other. Perhaps Mom is the more frequent skier and it’s hard to justify a pass for Dad. Rest easy paying for that which you want, not what a big resort wants to sell you.

*Family rate eligibility is based on 3 or more members defined as at least one parent (adult) and related dependents (juniors or children) living within the same residence. Buy Now / Full terms at https://www.skicastle.ca/passes/.


Castle Joins the Powder Alliance

Your season pass has never been more valuable. Castle Mountain Resort is excited to announce it has joined the Powder Alliance for the 2018-2019 Season, alongside of our friends at Jasper’s Marmot Basin. In addition to Marmot, other close by resorts include Schweitzer Mountain Resort, ID, Whitewater in Nelson, BC, and Silverstar Mountain Resort in Vernon, BC. Season passholders at Castle Mountain Resort are able to ski up to three free days at 19 premiere winter destinations in four countries.

Anyone that purchases an anytime season pass (excluding Mid-Week, and Corporate Passes), will have access to all participating resorts which span four countries and two hemispheres, free of charge. While some restrictions apply (visit https://www.powderalliance.com/ for more) this feature comes at no additional cost to you.

Your annual ski vacation just got that much more affordable! Get your pass now!


Always Independent & Community Owned

We’re proud to be locally owned, fiercely independent, and not driven by profit. As we enter our 53rd season of operation we’re moving boldly into the future with better value than ever before for our season passholders, enhanced events, programming and experiences, and with our Master Development Plan guiding our way.

The ski and snowboard industry continues to face a barrage of consolidation with two large conglomerates now owning 30 resorts across North America. As resorts across our hemisphere begin to look more the same than they do different, we make our vow to remain quirky, unique, and to never lose our sense of authenticity.

Closer to Heaven, Down to Earth isn’t just a catchy marketing slogan, it’s at the core of our very being and a way of life we look forward to sharing with you in the 2018 – 2019 season. We hope you’ll join us!


  1. Doug Ward July 01 at 4:37PM - Reply

    Having a challenge to complete the purchase of pass. Continues to ask for guest after all fields completed. Keeps changing email to upper case despite multiple edits.

    • Cole Fawcett July 01 at 10:21PM - Reply

      Hi Doug,

      Just sent you an email. We’ll get you fixed up with a pass before the deadline. Sorry that you were having issues purchasing online!

  2. Gordon Phaneuf July 01 at 10:12PM - Reply

    Update me on season pass offers

    • Cole Fawcett July 01 at 10:18PM - Reply

      Hi Gordon,

      All of our season passes are on sale, for our early bird rates, through to end of business day on Thursday, July 5. You can learn more about and buy season passes online at https://www.skicastle.ca/passes/ or call us at 1-888-SKI-TONS between the hours of 9 AM and 3 PM, Monday to Thursday.

  3. Lei July 06 at 1:50PM - Reply

    Hi Cole:
    I just saw the flashsale deal, I missed the spring sale by 1 day, and now the history repeated itself again…. I was trying to call the customer service today, July 6th, but the office is closed, may I still get the deal on Monday July 9th? ><
    I would really appreciate your understanding and can't wait to try out this amazing resort this winter!

    • Cole Fawcett July 09 at 1:17PM - Reply

      Hi Lei,

      I have sent you an email regarding your request. Please feel free to follow up with me directly at 403-627-5101 X 244.

      All the best,


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