Filling of the Huckleberry Reservoir –

Castle’s first snowmaking reservoir is filled to the brim! Last summer, the “Huckleberry Reservoir”, with the ability to hold an amount of water equivalent to three Olympic sized swimming pools, was mostly completed in the fall of 2018. If you visited us last season, you may have noticed this large reservoir adjacent to the Round-Up Traverse at the base of Lone Ranger. While it sat empty though the winter season, water levels in the Castle River system have risen above conservation objectives, allowing us to fill the “Huckleberry Reservoir” for the first time. The Huckleberry Reservoir will remain filled through the summer season and will be connected into our snowmaking system, by our main pump house, serving as the primary water source for our system come fall.



Arrival of Snowmaking Pipe –

Snowmaking pipe arrived this past week on several tractor trailer loads. Pipe, of various thickness, was unloaded via excavator and placed alongside the Round-Up Traverse just below the water reservoir. Lengths of pipe then await their turn to be welded into sections, often comprising of 3 or 4 lengths which can be 300 – 400 feet long. Soon, each of these lengths will be drug up the mountain to a location where they will eventually be connected to other sections and then buried underground.



Welding Begins –

This week and next, the primary focus will be welding sections of pipe together. Sections of pipe are prepared for welding and then welded simultaneously by two welders on either side. Welding together two lengths takes only a few minutes, with perhaps more time required lining the two sections of pipe up perfectly, suspended in the air by heavy equipment. A delicate touch is required at the controls of the excavator and it’s truly amazing to watch the operators maneuver their machines so precisely, right to the millimeter.



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Tune in again next week for more images and another update on progress!



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