24-25 Corporate Tickets



Our corporate ticket program is back for the 2024-2025 season, with deep discounts on advance, bulk ticket purchases, by Alberta based corporations. All tickets are valid for one visit, anytime during the season.

Show the folks around you that you care with the gift of skiing and snowboarding. Corporate tickets make for great gifts for staff, family, friends, and/or clients. As an added bonus, the cost associated with your tickets may be able to be written off, as a business expense.

Please read the Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement.

The use of Castle Mountain Resort, the facilities, and participation in activities at Castle Mountain Resort is subject to the conditions set out in this notice.

Early bird rates are currently in effect, through to and including October 15.


Historically, Castle Mountain Resort has offered both physical books of tickets and our corporate concierge, whereby purchasers pre-book tickets through our e-store, on behalf of their friends / staff / clients. For the 2024-2025 season, Castle Mountain Resort will be debuting a new point-of-sale system. At this point in time, given that we’re early in the implementation process, we don’t have exact details on the method by which corporate tickets will be delivered to clients.

What we do know, however, is that all tickets will be valid for full-mountain access for one (1) full day and will be free of any / all blackouts. Corporate package pricing also can’t be beat! We hope to have more concrete details on the method of ticket delivery by mid-May of 2024.


CategoryEarly Bird Rates (June 1 - Oct. 15)Regular Rates (Oct. 16 onward)
20 Uses$1959 ($97.95 / ticket)$2239 ($111.95 / ticket)
40 Uses$3638 ($90.95 / ticket)$4198 ($104.95 / ticket)
60 Uses$5037 ($83.95 / ticket)$5877 ($97.95 / ticket)
80 Uses$6156 ($76.95 / ticket)$7276 ($90.95 / ticket)
100 Uses$6995 ($69.95 / ticket)$8395 ($83.95 / ticket)

Additional tickets can be purchased at anytime during the season at the per ticket rate you originally made your purchase at. Additional tickets must be added using existing increments (20, 40, 60, 80, 100).

E.g. – You originally purchased 60 tickets at a cost of $5037 ($83.95 / ticket). Any additional tickets purchased, during the season, would be billed out at the rate of $83.95 / ticket (20 x $83.95, 40 x $83.95, etc.).

All prices exclude GST.

Purchasers of corporate ticket packages have the option to pay for their purchase with our interest free payment plan! Our payment plan is available on all corporate packages purchased on or by October 15, 2024, allowing the purchaser to divide their purchase into four (4) monthly installments.

A valid credit card is required for all payment plans.

  • Corporate tickets are available for purchase by registered corporate entities within Alberta, excluding accommodators.
  • Tickets are strictly NOT for resale. Any purchasers found to have resold tickets will have any remaining tickets revoked, without refund.
  • There are no refunds of corporate tickets; no exceptions.
  • Unused tickets will not be rolled over to subsequent seasons and are valid only for the season in which they are purchased.
  • A release of liability waiver must be signed by each guest picking up a ticket. In the event that a ticket is being held for a minor, the signature of a legal parent or guardian is required before the ticket will be issued.
  • Prices DO NOT include GST and are subject to change.

Existing corporate concierge pass holders can make their ticket bookings by clicking the link below. 

Required Information

  • Your unique pass number(s)
    • The pass number provided to you, by your CMR sales representative, is essential in being able to move forward with your online booking. Corporate concierge tickets cannot be booked without this
  • Personal Information of the Reservation Lead
    • The name of each individual needing a ticket is NOT required – only the primary individual. This could be one person from a group or family, or one person representing a couple.
    • To make your booking experience as smooth as possible, we would suggest ascertaining the following details, for the reservation lead:
      • Full Name
      • Date of Birth
      • Email
      • Phone Number
  • Date(s)
    • You will be presented with a calendar with availability for the whole season. Bookings are date specific so be sure you know when your guests want to go skiing!

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