Early Bird Season Pass Sale Ends

Early Bird Season Pass Sale Ends

Our Early Bird Season Pass Sale comes to a close on May 31st.  Let’s face it…last year was EPIC.  Almost 10 meters of snow fell on the Castle, the most in Alberta by over a meter and half, and we stopped counting when we wrapped up our season.  We’ve been hard at work planning next season, and the summer season for that matter.  But in the meantime, we don’t you to miss out on the best deal of the season by getting your Early Bird Season Pass locked in for next year, now.  Then kick back, relax, jump on the bike, take hike, go for a swim, enjoy everything Southern Alberta has to offer all summer long, knowing you’re hooked up for 2017-2018.  Get your pass NOW!


  1. Wesley May 25 at 7:47AM - Reply

    We are new Castle regulars. Thank you to everyone that made us feel so welcome. We discovered you one week before you closed, and promptly returned the last weekend because we lived it so much. Plan on seeing us a lot!

    • Jason Crawford July 06 at 11:29AM - Reply

      That’s awesome! Thanks for the feedback Wesley!

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