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August 20
8:00AM - 5:00PM
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Dennis Miller


Castle Mountain Resort
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23rd Annual Drifter Days

Drifter Days are back – our annual, volunteer brush clearing / thinning days on the Drifter run.

Volunteers should meet at the Castle Mountain Resort maintenance shop at 8:00 AM (access via North Road).  There will be a brief safety meeting before we leave for the top of the mountain. If you can’t be on time be 5 minutes early.


  • One or two helpers per saw; if you don’t have a saw, we still need your muscles
  • Split into work groups based on the number of people that show up
  • Have fun and enjoy a satisfying day (your knees, legs will thank you for removing the dangers that hide below these slopes as you rip up the pow this coming winter!)
  • We’ll have a little food and re-hydration at the end of the day on Miller’s deck (normally plenty of Huckleberries on the slopes for snacking on)
  • Alternative Help – if you don’t want or are unable to work on the slope or don’t have much time, we could use help with the following:
    • Truck to transport equipment and volunteers
    • Driving the crew to the top of the mountain in the morning
    • Picking up the crew from Cinch Traverse at the end of the day
    • Monitoring the radio during the day


  • lunch and water
  • work gloves
  • hat
  • protective glasses, if you have them
  • ear protection, if you have some, we’ll round up some ear plugs as well
  • good solid footwear – work boots, hiking boots, etc. We will be working in rough terrain and on steep slopes
  • suitable clothes for rough work – no shorts
  • chain saw if you have one
    • it always works out better if you operate your own saw, please make sure it is sharpened and bring the correct file to sharpen the chain, the wrench and screwdriver for the saw
    • Only bring enough gas and oil for the day, no extra.
  • The hill saws will be prepared and ready to go for people who will need one.
  • Recommend – protective chainsaw pants for those running equipment
  • Radio – if you have access to a radio with a hill channel please bring it
  • Bring a friend and pass the word along that we can use all the help we can get

Feel free to let Dennis Miller know if you can attend or if you have any questions you can email him at d516miller@gmail.com.