Full Moon Snowshoe & Fine Dining Experience



Castle Mountain Resort’s Full Moon Snowshoe & Fine Dining Experience debuted in the 2017-2018 season, to rave reviews. Each of our fine dining experiences are truly unique; be it the season, the menu, or subtle surprises along way.  We make each and every fine dining experience a memorable event making your taste buds crave more.

Whether you are a foodie, an adventurer, or just appreciate the romance of fine dining in the mountains, we welcome you to join us for this Castle Mountain Resort Signature Experience.

What to Expect


Our experience first takes us on a scenic chairlift ride, via the Huckleberry Chairlift, just as our last skiers and snowboarders board the lift for their last run of the day. When at the top, we’ll pause to take in the beauty and magnificence of the Westcastle Valley before starting our way down the mountain. Since the majority of this route is downhill, this one is easy to moderate with no snowshoeing experience required to participate. This is a fully guided experience, which ensures a safe and informative journey.

After about a 90 minute to 2 hour snowshoe, we’ll find ourselves back in the base area where a short break is built in to allow guests to visit their accommodations and/or change their clothing. This is followed by what some may consider to be the main event; the food!



Guest Check-in at Castle Mountain Resort Snow School between 3:00 PM and 3:30 PM

Upload Huckleberry Chair prior to last chair

Enjoy a fully guided snowshoe, from Huckleberry summit down to the valley floor, arriving back in the vicinity of 6 PM

Take an opportunity to change clothing and wash up before heading to dinner

Gather for a fine dining experience, held within Joe’s Cafe (main day lodge) starting at 7:00 PM

2021 Dates





$149.95 + GST (without snowshoe rental)

$162.45 + GST (with optional snowshoe rental)




In order to remain in compliance with Government of Alberta enhanced public health measures, in light of COVID-19, this event we occur in staggered meeting time slots. These are:

3:00 PM

3:15 PM

3:30 PM

Please choose your preferred timeslot and be sure to arrive on time.

A maximum of 6 guests per reservation will be accepted and will be seated together for dinner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What changes have you made in light of COVID-19?

One of the great things about this experience is that more than half of the experience takes place outside – a very safe place to be recreating in light of COVID-19. That said, there are a few small changes to this experience that you should be aware of:

Reservations –

  • While this experience has always been by reservation only, you should note that only a maximum of 6 guests will be accepted per reservation. This coincides with Government of Alberta guidance on not seating more than 6 people / table as you will not share a table, for the dining portion of this experience, with anyone other than those within your reservation.

Snowshoeing Experience – 

In order to remain in compliance with Government of Alberta enhanced public health measures, in light of COVID-19, this event we occur in staggered meeting time slots. These are:

3:00 PM

3:15 PM

3:30 PM

A maximum of 8 guests will be placed in a snowshoe group together, together with one guide. Please select your preferred timeslot carefully and be sure to arrive on time.

Dining Experience – 

  • Formerly, Full Moon Snowshoe & Fine Dining guests were seated long table or family table style within Joe’s Cafe. While we are still utilizing Joe’s Cafe as our dining room, within the main day lodge, we will not be using a long table format for seating. Guests will be seated at individual tables, in accordance with the size of their cohort. A reservation of 2 will have a table for 2; a reservation of 4 will have a table for four – to a maximum of 6 people per table).
  • Your snowshoe guides have always been treated to the same meal that you enjoy but have typically been seated at the table amongst other guests. While our guides will partake in the meal with you, they will be seated at their own table.

Available Spots / Experience – 

  • In order to respect physical distancing during the dining portion of this experience we are restricting each tour to a maximum of 24 participants / event.

How many spots per event are available?

Only 24 spots per event are available. Don’t delay and book now!

What's your cancellation policy?

Cancellations made 7 days prior to the event or greater will result in a 100% refund. Cancellations made within 7 days are not permitted although you may elect to change the name of an attendee by informing us, in writing (email).

What should I wear / bring?

You will be outdoors for a period of approximately 2.5 hours total so it’s best to dress for the weather. While you will be moving, keep in mind you’ll be moving downhill so we wouldn’t exactly call this activity strenuous. Dressing in layers, with extra layers, face coverings, gloves, hand warmers, etc. is highly encouraged.

If you’re prone to being cold, throw a small pack on your back with these items in addition to a hot beverage in a thermos! Bringing water along for the snowshoe is also a good idea.

Dress code for the dinner portion is casual and the food will be anything but!

Can I bring my own snowshoes?

Definitely! You’re welcome to bring your own snowshoes if you have them. Snowshoes are available for rent as well which will result in an additional charge of $15 + GST.

Will we be snowshoeing in the dark?

Depending on the time of year, it is possible! For our December and January editions, we will be spending a portion of the snowshoe in the dark. In February we should arrive back in the base area at dusk and in March it will still be daylight until dinner.

If you have a headlamp, we encourage you to bring it. Otherwise, a limited number of headlamps are available for use at no additional charge.