Huckleberry Festival “all-access pass” available until Wednesday

Huckleberry Festival “all-access pass” available until Wednesday

So you’re coming to Huckleberry Festival (“Huck Fest” as the locals will say) and you’re looking for the best bang for your buck? Well look no further than our Huckleberry Fest all-access pass. It’s the second consecutive year that the pass has been available and while access to the base area is always free, you may find that our all-access pass is a convenient solution covering off all your weekend needs.

What’s included:

With Huckleberry Festival now spanning an entire weekend we wanted to tie together all of the weekend’s best, into one nice, neat package. In addition to unlimited scenic chairlift rides (single ride tickets are only for one ride up / one ride down), here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Access to festival grounds
  • Commemerative Huckleberry Festival pass
  • Hot Buffet Breakfast on both Saturday & Sunday
  • Pig Roast / Roast Beef dinner on Saturday
  • 1 BBQ Lunch (Saturday or Sunday)


What’s it cost?

For adults (13+) you’re looking at $79 plus GST and for children (6-12) only $49. No need to do the math yourself; based on an adult, you’re saving $24 off our regular weekend activity rates.

How can I get it?

Buying it online is the only way to take advantage of this sweet deal. All-access passes are available only until end of day on Wednesday, August 22. Unfortunately you won’t be able to purchase the all-access pass, on-site, on the weekend of the event. Click here to buy now.

I’ve bought it, what’s next?

When you arrive at the resort, pop your head into Guest Services who will verify your identity (please bring a piece of photo ID) and they’ll print you off your Huckleberry Festival pass! Enjoy the weekend and throw it up on the bulletin board / fridge with your season passes, dating back to the 80’s.

Can I still by individual meals & individual lift tickets?

If you’re thinking the Huckleberry Festival all-access pass isn’t for you, then yes you can certainly still enjoy our meals / lift tickets a la carte. Individual meals / tickets are not available for advance purchase; grab em’ when you get here! Just keep in mind that events such as the pig roast will definitely sell out and that single ride lift tickets are just that; for a single ride. Your best value is the all-access pass, but we certainly understand it’s not for everyone!
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