Huckleberry Festival




Our annual Huckleberry Festival is our biggest summer event and our team looks forward to welcoming guests from near and far for this special weekend.  It brings our community, locals, families, and friends together for a celebration of all things summer.

Enjoy FREE live music, our bbq / beer garden, scenic chairlift rides, berry picking, a mountain (vendor) market, and our community pig roast. Typically, Huckleberry Festival is held the 4th week in August annually.

FRIDAY – AUG 27, 2021
SATURDAY – AUG 28, 2021


SUNDAY – AUG 29, 2021



Castle Central Reservations (Castle Ski Lodge & Hostel)

Castle Central Reservations is your one stop shop for accommodations, within the resort base. Not only do they operate the Castle Ski Lodge & Hostel, home to 11 hotel style rooms and 56 hostel beds, but they also have access to some two dozen condos and vacation homes in the base area. Visit www.staycastle.ca or call 403-627-5121 for more.




Powered sites ($25) at Castle Mountain Resort are available via reservation (403-627-5101 or 888-SKI TONS). Parking lot camping is available at a cost of $15 w/o access to power. Both powered and un-powered sites include access to our wash-house shower and washroom facilities. Camping is available in designated areas only and a permit is required from Guest Services.

Formal and informal camping is also available in Castle Provincial Park. For more information please visit Castle Provincial Park or call 403-627-1165.


More Accommodations 

Within the Castle region, including Pincher Creek and Crowsnest Pass, there are a litany of accommodation options. Cozy B&B’s, hotels, motels, and cabins are all on offer within a 30 minute drive of the resort.

Click on www.skicastle.ca/lodging/ for more places to stay, within our area.

Huckleberry Festival is predominantly an outdoor event so we encourage you to plan accordingly. Here are a few suggestions on what to bring:

  • Sunscreen 
  • Lots of drinking water for your Huckleberry search
    • Bottled water and other beverages will be available for sale at the top of Huckleberry Chair and the base area)
  • Appropriate footwear for hiking / berry picking
    • Think hiking boots, trail runners, etc. Sandals are not recommended unless you’re confining yourself to the base area
  • Bear spray
    • While there will be lots of people in the Huckleberry zone, you’re still heading out into the back country. Make lots of noise, travel and groups, and equip yourself with bear spray
  • Berry Bucket
    • We would highly suggest a small bucket, preferably with a tight fitting lid, for your berries.
  • Backpack w/ extras
    • We highly encourage you to put a pack on your back (don’t forget to remove it for your lift ride up the Huckleberry Chair) and throw some hiking poles on your bag, a snack inside, and an extra layer inside. Mountain weather can change in a heartbeat. Don’t be caught unprepared! 

The Huckleberry Chairlift will upload guests on both Saturday and Sunday. Downloading on the lift is also possible but, due to the design of our triple chair, 1 out of every 5 chairs can be loaded with guests on the way down. This means that wait times at the summit, for downloading, can be a bit lengthy (30 minutes +).

There is washroom facilities at the Huckleberry summit as well as refreshments being available (bottled non-alcoholic beverages, snacks) to help you out if you’re feeling snacky or you really just need to, you know, go! Not down with waiting? Take the Haig Ridge trail downward to where it connects with Haig Lake South trail, and follow it all the way to the base. We’ll have an abundance of summer trail maps on hand or you can click here.

A friendly reminder to those looking to take infants up the chair; they must be in a child carrier, controlled /harnessed to the adult at all times. Children and adults are able to ride the chair but pets and bicycles are not permitted on the lift.

Huckleberries are located all across the mountains but the easiest access to berries will be off the Huckleberry Chairlift. Berries can be found off the main Huckleberry ski runs, in our cat-ski terrain (Haig Ridge) and in the Haig Valley on the way out to Haig Lake. Huckleberries thrive in higher elevation environments which is why they’re plentiful in the sub-alpine regions of Castle Mountain Resort; not necessarily in the base area.

Our friends at Alberta Environment and Parks would like us to remind you to please pick only ripe berries.

While you will be surrounded by friends, family, and soon-to-be friends, you’re still in bear country and hiking in the back country. We would like to suggest that you travel in groups, make lots of noise (talking loudly), and carry bear spray. Bear encounters are rare and extremely unlikely at an event of this size. Still, it’s better safe than sorry and bear spray will be available for purchase in the base area should you need it. Any bear encounters should be reported to any staff or volunteers, who will be easily identifiable by their extreme orange Huckleberry shirts. A bear encounter at Huckleberry Fest has not been reported, in recent history.

For more on being Bear Smart, follow the link to best practices as indicated by Alberta Environment and Parks.

Let’s all be great environmental stewards this weekend. Garbage of any sort, even the peel from your fruit, doesn’t belong in the Castle. Leaving even a trace of food can lead to the wild animals becoming accustomed to human food. Our carelessness can lead to the relocation or even the death of a wild animal; not cool if you ask us.

Garbage receptacles and recycling bins can be found throughout the base area as well as at the summit of Huckleberry Chair. Pack out your trash until you reach one of these locations please! Remember, this pristine mountain environment is the home of the animals. We are only guests.