In excess of $2M in resort improvements will improve snow quality and duration of upcoming seasons


Castle Mountain Resort, Alberta (June 10, 2019) – Following a Master Development Plan completed in 2017, Castle Mountain Resort is set to invest more than $2M in resort infrastructure projects that will be completed in advance of the 2019/2020 season. This summer’s projects include top to bottom snowmaking infrastructure in the Huckleberry terrain pod, on Whiskey Jack run, and within the base area in addition to the purchase of state-of-the-art snowmaking machines. A natural gas line, in partnership w/ ATCO, is currently being upgraded / installed and is poised to bring natural gas to the resort for the first time, starting this fall.

The additions will not only ensure more consistent snow conditions on the lower mountain & Huckleberry terrain but also opens up the possibility of pre-season training for various user groups (race clubs and/or ski academies), pushes Castle Mountain Resort’s planned opening day one week earlier (now set as December 7) and increases the possibility of remaining open later into April. As part of its agreement with ATCO, Castle Mountain Resort also absolves itself of prior propane gas distribution responsibilities, allowing it to focus more energy on exceptional ski resort operations.

“Over recent months we have closely examined the areas where we saw room for improvement at Castle Mountain Resort and looked for opportunities to create an even better experience for our residents and guests,” says Castle Mountain Resort general manager Brad Brush. “These infrastructure updates will have an immediate and dramatic impact for our visitors and we are excited to show off these changes starting this December.”



A key component of these updates is Castle Mountain Resort’s first water storage reservoir, representing a $375,000 expenditure which features a water intake in nearby Haig Creek. Designed to hold 6,700 cubic meters of water to assist in snowmaking efforts – an amount equivalent to three Olympic sized swimming pools – the reservoir will be connected to the snowmaking system as its primary water source. The resort has applied for and been issued a water license that will allow them to fill the reservoir only when water conservation objectives are met in the Castle River. Meltwater from machine-made snow will then return to the Castle River system come spring, additive free.


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Snowmaking is getting a massive $1.4M investment. This includes the main pump house which is able to deliver 250 gallons per minute to Castle’s new network of waterlines, allowing four to six snow machines to run simultaneously. The pumphouse was designed with future snowmaking expansion in mind and the ability to add additional pumping capacity with subsequent implementation phases. New snowmaking infrastructure includes underground piping, electrical, hydrants, and power pedestals from the Huckleberry Reservoir to the top of Huckleberry Chairlift via Lone Ranger run, from Huckleberry Reservoir to the base area adjacent to the main day lodge via Round-up Traverse run, and from the base area adjacent to the main day lodge to the top of Whiskey Jack run.



Finally, Castle Mountain Resort, alongside local residents, has invested in a project which will see ATCO install new natural gas infrastructure from Beaver Mines to Castle Mountain Resort, including 7.5 kilometers of upgraded gas line and 16.7 kilometers of new gas line. ATCO’s takeover/conversion of Castle Mountain Resort’s existing propane distribution network will assist in lowering operational costs for the resort and lower utility costs for residents. Additionally, it will result in a reduction of 90 metric tons of green house gases / year roughly equated to taking 20 passenger vehicles off the road.

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About Castle Mountain Resort:

Closer to Heaven, Down to Earth; Castle Mountain Resort is the second largest mountain resort, in Alberta, by acreage. Nestled in the southern Alberta Rockies, adjacent to the communities of Pincher Creek and the Crowsnest Pass, Castle Mountain Resort boasts 94+ runs across 3592 acres of terrain. Included in this is Castle’s Powder Stagecoach Cat-Skiing operation; one of the only resort-based cat-skiing operations in western Canada. Known for its abundant snowfall and short lift lines, Castle Mountain Resort remains one of the last affordable, down-to-earth, and authentic Rocky Mountain winter experiences.


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  1. jacques thouin June 16 at 12:04PM - Reply

    How does ATCO gas reduce greenhouse gases by 90 mertic tonnes?

    • Cole Fawcett June 17 at 9:59AM - Reply

      Hi Jacques,

      It’s quite simple really; natural gas produces approximately 18% fewer GHG emissions than propane. Based on the current usage, and that of our residents, ATCO is projecting we’ll collectively reduce our GHG emissions to the equivalent of taking 20 vehicles off the road / year.

      All the best,

      Cole Fawcett
      Sales & Marketing Manager

  2. marc Mercier June 23 at 3:54PM - Reply

    I think while Atco Gas is out there I would convert all Snow cats to Natural Gas and all other related equipment to save Massive amounts of Money Diesel would be a huge expense for the hill. Just a thought

    • Cole Fawcett June 25 at 9:28AM - Reply

      Hi Marc,

      Thanks for your message! We are definitely into the idea of using less diesel, I can assure you! However, converting our snow cat fleet is not at the top of the priority list at this point. Our board is actively pursuing bringing three phase power to our resort, which could potentially help us move away from using diesel powered generators for our lift system.

      All the best,

      Cole Fawcett
      Sales & Marketing Manager

  3. cheyne lewis December 26 at 1:47PM - Reply

    Can you still snowmobile from the staging area before the resort? Been years since I rode down there, was hoping to check it out again as well as maybe do a day in the cat

    • Nick Thornton December 26 at 2:02PM - Reply

      Hi Cheyne,

      Snowmobile parking is permitted in our overflow lot which is East of 774, and you can ride from there yes. If you ride from there you must adhere to designated trails as indicated in the Winter 2019/20 guide for Alberta Parks. This can be found at:



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