Mackenzie Top Peak Contest Update

Mackenzie Top Peak Contest Update

The search to find “Canada’s most invested ski community” has come to an end and the winner of the inaugural Mackenzie Top Peak Contest has been chosen. Yesterday, Mackenzie Investments announced Mont Ste-Marie out of Quebec has been crowned Canada’s Top Peak, and they walk away with the $50,000 prize. This money will be going towards Club Mont Ste-Marie who will be developing the “Dustin Cook” run in a way to widen the run, improve safety and to allow ” non-racers to enjoy the trail in all it’s glory”.











Whilst this is certainly a disappointment for the teams that competed under Castle Mountain Resort’s “Peak” we couldn’t be more proud to have seen our groups, community and members of the public come together to help us launch a successful campaign that saw us place 3rd out of 60+ other resorts.

The 4 teams that were competing for the $50,000 prize were:











We saw a monumental effort from all our non-profit teams who rallied together to take on this challenge. A huge collaboration between the 4 groups and CMR saw a well-organized effort that brought each of the groups closer together and developed stronger relationships, a huge positive out of this experience. Thanks to all our non-profit organizations for their effort in this contest, and another huge show of appreciation to everyone who voted and posted for us on social.

We look forward to launching another attempt should this challenge come around next season, and no doubt will be more inspired and motivated to win the grand prize!

Congratulations to both Mont Ste-Marie and Club Mont Ste-Marie on their achievement.



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