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Castle Mountain Resort, as we know it today, was re-birth as a result of community members banding together. Therefore we’ve made it our duty to give back and support our local community wherever and whenever we can. Our staff and members have been very fortunate to work with some amazing organizations throughout the years.


The Castle Mountain Community Association represents members of the community at Castle Mountain Resort.
We are avid skiers/snowboarders, and outdoor enthusiasts who recreate in the area year round and are interested in the well-being and stewardship of the environment on the Westcastle River.

A Castle Mountain Resort – Residents Guide has been complied to provide information to Community Resident.  Copies are available at Guest Services if you require a printed copy.

For more information, email castlemountaincommunity@gmail.com


Disabled Skiing Program

You might have noticed a lot of smiling faces in the lift lines on Saturday mornings. If you have, you’ve probably seen a great group of people who take community involvement and inclusion to a whole new level.

Those people are the Lethbridge Chapter of the Canadian Association of Disabled Skiers. Volunteers work to ensure that people of all abilities safely get on the lifts and down the mountain. The disabled skiers they hang out with love skiing every bit as much as the rest of us do. The squeals from the whole gang as they cruise down the mountain are a testament to how well something works when your heart’s just in the right place.

The Lethbridge Zone of the CADS has been running for 28 seasons at the resort. Volunteers of this program have experience with most disabilities. If you’d like more information or would consider volunteering, feel free to contact them.

For more information, contact Darryl Medoruma at cads@medoruma.ca, or call 403-327-7956.


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