Castle’s famous Powder Stagecoach Cat Ski operation is back beginning December 26th, with a few notable changes that have been implemented for the upcoming season. Read on below for details.




Number of groups:

In light of the ongoing pandemic we have reduced the number of groups running per day to just one, with groups still being a max number of 12. This is to ensure the cat won’t be shared with anyone else except that one group, and to make cleaning and sanitization of the cat easier and more efficient (rather than a clean after every single group exchange). This will result in a more fast-paced day, leading to more time shredding powder for you! These changes have been made with our staff and guests in mind in order to maximize safety. Staff will also be removed from the passenger cabin to increase guest comfort.



Operational days:

In response to halving the number of groups per day we will be expanding cat ski operations to 5 days a week, which is doubling the number of cat ski days this season from last winter. This season’s operations will take place Tuesday – Saturday, following the same daily outline as last season. The cat ski area will still be open for touring on Sunday and Monday.




The Powder Stagecoach cat will be cleaned daily after each group has finished their last run. In addition, all avalanche safety equipment (pack, probe, beacon, shovel) will be sanitized at the end of each operational day.




Online bookings:

New for this season is the ability to book your cat ski day online! With this functionality now added you have the option to book with ease at your leisure… no need to make sure you catch our sales coordinator within working hours!




Early Season Booking Special

From now until December 15th we have opened up an early booking discount for cat skiing. Enjoy 10% off every booking up to and including Dec 15th, no promo code is needed this discount will automatically be applied.

In addition, if you are a season pass holder, W.O.W card holder, or Lake Louise Plus Card or Lake Louise season pass holder enjoy an additional 10% off your booking!

For season pass/W.O.W card holders use promo code: CMRCAT10

For Lake Louise season pass/Plus Card holders use promo code: LLSRCAT10

Please ensure you present your season pass/frequency card on the day to validate your discount.



For full availability and to book your day with the cat hit the link below:




  1. Louis November 23 at 5:52PM - Reply

    Hi, I’m interested in booking a cat-skiing day with a friend. However, your calendar availability seems to differ from when I actually try to book a date? I was hoping to book for January 12th 2021 which the calendar says is open but the actual booking page does not offer this date. Can you please explain if I’m doing something wrong?

    • CMR Marketing November 24 at 9:00AM - Reply

      Hi Louis,

      Did you try and use a discount code for that date? If you are still having issues please email our cat ski coordinator at sales@skicastle.ca or alternatively phone them on 403-627-5101 extension 241 and we can get that booked in for you!


  2. Ken Gouw January 03 at 3:52PM - Reply

    I am very interested in trying Cat skiing, I am a strong intermediate-middle advance skier and have little experience in powder. I am hesitant as I would possibly slow down the group, any insight from you would be appreciated. Also is there a guide with the group and if so to they give any guidance or help?
    Thanks in advance,

    • CMR Marketing January 05 at 9:51AM - Reply

      Hi Ken,

      Given your skier level and ability I would say you would be fine. Powder skiing does take a bit of getting used to but if you can ski our main mountain you can do so in the cat ski area as well. However in order to maximize your enjoyment on the cat I would suggest seeking out as much powder experience as possible prior to your day on the cat. Fat ski rentals are highly recommended as well to help you control your turns in powder.

      There are guides that we employ for the group, usually one lead and one tail, and they are highly experienced and very friendly. Reach out to them for tips and advice and they will be more than happy to help you out!


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