Late last week our contractors and staff officially commissioned our new snow making system; the corner stone of more than $2M in capital improvements introduced over this past summer. Since Friday, we’ve been making snow at every opportunity that Mother Nature has provided, with some great initial results!





On Friday. November 1st we had technicians from TechnoAlpin, as well as members of Henry’s Electric and Mark West Contracting come together to inspect equipment and following, positive test results, we began making snow that afternoon.

Before snow was made several components were tested; the electric motor that powers the pump was bump tested to ensure proper rotation and all leveling alignments on the pump and motor were double checked, the VFD was programmed and checked to ensure all settings were to spec, and all fittings and electronic sensors were double checked and/or installed in the proper locations. Water was then pumped into the system to test all the sensors and the pipelines on the mountain were filled. Pressure testing was conducted to ensure there were no leaks, and following that the PLC programming was tweaked and customized which enabled us to check pressures and flow. Following a successful system check the guns were then powered up and we started making snow which was the result of a smooth commissioning process.

We currently have 2 guns onsite and operating, and expecting delivery of an additional 2 guns later this week.





Currently our snow guns are stationed below Huckleberry chairlift and have been blasting for the past few days having seen optimal conditions reach the resort. We plan to make snow at every opportunity when temperatures are favorable and this should enable us to build a snow road through the village. Once completed we will work our way up the mountain on the Round Up Traverse and Lone Ranger, as well as focusing on Buckaroo and Green Chair. Snow fences have also been placed on North Road, Buffalo Flats, and Tumbleweed to help supplement snow making efforts.

If you do find yourself in the area please do not drive where we are making snow. Haig Way is currently closed to vehicle traffic and please stay clear of the snow guns as there are high voltage electrical lines and high pressure water lines present. In addition our cats are busy making their way around the base area so please take care within the vicinity of operating cats.

We are working hard to reach our target opening date of Saturday December 7th but keep an eye out for any future announcement in case this date changes.


  1. Bob Heward November 12 at 12:07PM - Reply

    good news on the artificial snow. Is there any chance you installed any electrical plugs while the electricians were there, that electric cars can use while we are skiing? it only requires a block heater type service. As of last season I am only aware of one plug on the hotel but it needs to be kept clear for snow clearance..

    • Nick Thornton November 12 at 12:15PM - Reply

      Hi Bob,

      Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately no additional electric plugs were installed however we are able to charge your car through an extension chord that runs from guest services. This will have a maximum output of 110V and free to use.


  2. Larry Whan November 14 at 11:19AM - Reply

    It would be nice if you could post a map showing where you are making snow. Some of us don’t know all the run names so means nothing where a map says it all… just sayin

    • Nick Thornton November 15 at 9:49AM - Reply

      Hi Larry,

      Thanks for your comment. I will look to have this incorporated into the blog post.


      Nick Thornton
      Marketing Coordinator

  3. Gordie McNab November 15 at 3:39PM - Reply

    How come the North Road webcam keeps reverting to early dates , not a good image for CMR !!!

  4. Harold Hendrickson November 20 at 11:08PM - Reply

    Its nice that Bob and others can plug in their electric cars for free.
    I believe that you charge $25 for an RV to stay over night with no services at all, and an additional $15 for power. How is that fair when we are both supporting you by buying lift tickets?

    • Cole Fawcett November 21 at 2:33PM - Reply

      Hi Harold,

      Thanks for your message. In the winter months all we have available is parking lot camping which, you’re correct, we charge $15 / night for. This is because we provide all of our campers access to our wash house – washroom and shower facilities. No powered sites are available in the winter and, in the absence of proper infrastructure for electric vehicle charging we endeavor to accommodate the few electric vehicles we see / year as best as we can.

      All the best,

      Cole Fawcett

  5. Dave Mayhood November 25 at 11:31AM - Reply

    What is the source of your snowmaking water, please?

    • Cole Fawcett November 29 at 7:58PM - Reply

      The primary source of our snow making water is Haig Creek, which flows into the Castle River system. More than 80% of this water will flow back into the river system, come spring and we are only permitted to draw water from Haig Creek when conservation objectives for the Castle River system are met.

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