heritage inn

  1. Max Mayer August 16 at 8:23AM - Reply

    Is the Heritage Inn on Hill Accommodation ?
    What are the Rates for a Senior (90); Pass Holder;
    only 1 Bed required.
    for 3 or 4 nights during the Ski Season ?

    • Cole Fawcett August 19 at 3:23PM - Reply

      Hi Max,

      The Heritage Inn is located in Pincher Creek, approximately 30 minutes from Castle Mountain Resort. You will want to contact them directly for a rate at 403-627-5000. Alternatively, if you’re looking for accommodations within our base area, I’d encourage you to check out http://www.staycastle.ca or give Castle Accommodations a call at 403-627-5121.

      All the best,

      Cole Fawcett
      Sales & Marketing Manager

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