Volunteer Brushing

Volunteer Brushing

We have a very dedicated group of volunteers who work hard on keeping the mountain skiing and riding well.  This year with the forestry closure and evacuation it definitely made for challenges with regards to trail clean up.  While we do have a paid trail crew that has been hard at work since the forestry re-opened.  This is about the hard work of our dedicated volunteers.

Drifter Day was on October 1st and we had a mighty group of 8 volunteers show up.  5 chain saws, of which they donated all the oil and gas that day.  They worked in the “gut” of OK Coral and a portion of a swath over towards Easy Out.

On Monday October 9th, a small but mighty group of 3 volunteers donated their time, oil and gas, armed with chain saws attacked Enchanted Forest from “Tower 10” up to “Joe’s Cafe”.  It might now be known as Enchanged Freeway again.

If you see this crew in the T-Bar buy them a drink!  THANK YOU for making Castle better!


  1. Hamish Kassa October 20 at 10:05PM - Reply

    Thank you very much!
    I brought a group of Aussies there in Feb 2017, we had a great time, thanks to Bill Merrie and his excellent guiding skills.
    Cheers Hamish

    PS food was good

    • Jason Crawford October 25 at 2:00PM - Reply

      Awesome! We’d love to see you come back again. Send Cole an email cole@skicastle.ca I’m sure he can hook you up!

      Think Snow!

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