Westcastle Ski Club Registration Now Open

Westcastle Ski Club Registration Now Open

Registration is now open for the Westcastle Ski Club.

Sign up until Oct 31. Limited Openings available in each class.

visit westcastle.org or members can register directly here: westcastle.org/Login


  1. Lan Wright July 16 at 3:19PM - Reply

    Hi I’ve been trying to get on the site for days but it simply will not open….
    I am actually just looking to get a receipt for 2016 ski club season for my son Matthew Wright

  2. Cole Fawcett July 22 at 4:25PM - Reply

    Hi Lan,

    The Westcastle Ski Club is a separate organization from our resort so unfortunately we do not have the means to help you. You may wish to contact Jodi (Jodi Willoughby ) by email who may be able to help you out.

    Cole Fawcett
    Sales & Marketing Manager

  3. Jacquelyn September 01 at 12:27PM - Reply

    Tell me more about skin club!! we are homeschooling and looking for weekday skiing club! ages 13,11,9

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