Eagerly awaiting those Black Friday deals? Wait no more as Castle is happy to bring WHITE FRIDAY your way!

Beat the rush of Black Friday with our very own version where a multitude of deals and discounts are on offer for you to enjoy. From today until DECEMBER 6TH take advantage of the following:



Advance purchase lift tickets are available at our lowest rates of the season! Pre-book your lift tickets now and save up to 30% before you’ve even reached the resort. Our lowest priced tickets are available til’ December 6th, after this you can still enjoy the discounts but the savings won’t be as DEEP.


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Realize your dream of riding on the Powder Stagecoach as part of our signature experience. Our Powder Stagecoach Cat Skiing operation is happy to offer you 10-20% off date specific cat skiing seats! Save big now and soon you will be enjoying the freshest powder, most stunning views, and incredible terrain.


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Still on the hunt for a season pass? Well good news… we are rolling back our season pass price to our summer sale rate! That’s right from now until December 6th an Adult pass is $949, Senior $649, Student $399,¬†Junior $499, and Children’s passes only $69. Family passes start at only $947 (based on 1 adult & 2 children aged 6 – 12).

Buying Online is the most convenient way to get your ticket to ride

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  1. Zak November 22 at 11:12AM - Reply

    Can the WOW card be applied to these already discounted White Friday tickets?

    • Nick Thornton November 22 at 11:14AM - Reply

      Hi Zak, unfortunately not no. W.O.W. Card holders already enjoy 50% off every visit. Thanks for your comment!

  2. George Hertwig November 22 at 12:59PM - Reply

    Am I understanding it right that you are re-defining family as only one adult with 2 children? What happens to the other parent? Is this your definition for this sale only? I trust that is a typo of some sort. Sincerely, George.

    • Nick Thornton November 22 at 2:18PM - Reply

      Hi George, to alleviate any confusion, we offer family pass rates to any family that has a minimum of 3 members which consists of at least one parent (adult) and 2 related dependents. It’s not that you have to have 3 members, it’s just that this is the minimum number of family members required to qualify. There is no limit on how large a family can be other than it’s restricted to parents and dependents, living within the same household.

  3. Alexis November 22 at 2:38PM - Reply

    Hi, just curious is we buy a ticket for the Green Chair and our kids catch on pretty quick the first day, can we buy a ticket to the Huckleberry chair at a discounted rate of what we paid for the Green chair amount? (My kids all have season passes, so just asking about 2 adult tickets)

    • Cole Fawcett November 22 at 3:35PM - Reply

      Hi Alexis,

      Thanks for your comment. I can definitely help you out with an answer to your question. With respect to upgrading to the Huckleberry Chair, you would just pay the difference between our Green Chair rate and our Huckleberry Chair rate. While unfortunately there isn’t a discount to upgrade, it’s a super simple and quick process by returning with your ticket to Guest Services for the upgrade.

      All the best,


  4. Jolynne Wright November 22 at 3:42PM - Reply

    How many children do you define as a family. We have 6 children. Between ages 5 and 16.

    • Cole Fawcett November 22 at 4:08PM - Reply

      Hi Jolynne,

      Thanks for your message. In short, there is no maximum number of children that can be associated with a family pass – provided they are all within the same household. Family rate eligibility is based on 3 or more members defined as at least one parent (adult) and related dependents (juniors or children) living within the same residence. Under our “White Friday” sale each adult (aged 18 +) would be $849, each junior (13 – 17) would be $399, and each child would be $49.

      Complete details can be found at https://www.skicastle.ca/passes/ or you can give us a call at 888-SKI-TONS and we’d be happy to help you out with any additional questions.


  5. Jim November 23 at 11:31AM - Reply

    Did I imagine it, or was the WOW card for sale on the Castle site yesterday?
    Was this an error?
    I asked a question via email and received no response.

  6. Grant ZoBell November 24 at 3:41PM - Reply

    Could a WOW card be upgraded to a junior season pass?

    • Nick Thornton November 25 at 12:34PM - Reply

      Did you buy your W.O.W. Card through us directly, or through a 3rd party retailer? There are ways to upgrade yes, but it would require you to bring in your card to us so we can process the upgrade.

  7. Myles Bokinac November 24 at 8:08PM - Reply

    If we were to purchase passes for March for specific dates and end up needing to change the dates – what is your policy regarding date changes?

    • Cole Fawcett November 29 at 8:00PM - Reply

      Hi Myles,

      Once lift tickets are purchased for a date they cannot be refunded and the dates cannot be changed. Discounted tickets are still available in-season it’s just that the discount would not be as high as they are now.

  8. Morgan November 28 at 12:46PM - Reply

    Hi when will there be a CADS affiliation option for season’s pass pricing coming?

    • Cole Fawcett November 29 at 7:57PM - Reply

      Hi Morgan,

      Thanks for your message! There are no immediate plans to bring forward a CADS affiliation pass at this time but it is something I can bring up to my teammates as we ready ourselves to discuss 2020-2021 season pass pricing / options.

      All the best,

      Cole Fawcett
      Sales & Marketing Manager

  9. Len December 02 at 1:29PM - Reply

    Curious what chairs you plan to have running on opening day? I was going to purchase the WOW card but it may not be worth it if its just the Huckleberry and Green chair.

  10. Olga December 06 at 9:45PM - Reply

    Are there any sales/discounted pricing that applies to WOW Cards?

    • Cole Fawcett December 07 at 5:51AM - Reply

      Hi Olga,

      Our WOW Cards, while on sale for $79.95, will not go below this price this season. The great thing is that, even after your second day of skiing / riding, you’re already saving money versus our window rates!

      All the best,


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